Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome to college. Finger painting. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So guess what?! It is time for BYU round two! Summer was great but I am glad to be back in Provo. In an apartment. With my friends! It is great. Today was the second day of school and everything just seems to be going so well. Heather is my roommate once again, Sarah and Erin are right next door and then we have our new friends Emily and Annie right across from us. We have another roommate too, Justin Bieber that is.

My parents and I did have bit a tiff getting to dear ol' Provo though. Our car broke down about 20 miles outside of Tremonton and about two hours away from Provo. It started with this weird chirping noise, like a bird. And I promise I did not pack a bird from Portland. I asked my Dad if it was something to be concerned about and right after I did my Dad lost all power in the gears. We ended up coasting to the side of Exit 16. It was getting dark. I asked my Mom about mountain lions and Cougars.. I mean who knew what we would run into! Though, we were pretty set with ALL my college things stuffed in the whole car. We could have lived for a few days at least. I mean besides water and food that is... details. The tow truck came about an hour of waiting because they had been towing someone else. Enter Brad Archibald. The best tow truck driver ever. If they had that award I would give it to him year after year. On the way to Tremonton he talked and had the most amazing stories and was genuinely interested in us. He called and ahead and got us the last hotel room. Who knew Tremonton was such a happening place? The biggest fair in Utah was going on right in there tiny town. Then he gave us his personal Trooper to drive to his shop in the morning. He treated us like family. If we were to break down anywhere I would choose it to be there. But after waiting, waiting and more waiting we found out our transmission is ruined and we had to rent a white minivan. Can you say Swag Wagon? So we reloaded all my college stuff into that car and headed to Provo. And guess what? We made it!
Tow Truck.
Mansion 22!
Heather being Heather.
First day of school.